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Maca growers and MINCETUR improve maca management

By Hillary Ojeda The Guardian recently reported the serious consequences for Peru due to Chinese grown maca.     The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR), Prom-Peru, and growers agree to improve management of the growth and production of Peruvian maca root. With the signing of an institutional agreement, these three entities will be working [...]

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Tumbes : seize 10 tons of maca valued at half a million dollars

Seizure was made after denouncing Cuarto Poder

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EU debates biopiracy law to protect indigenous people

  The European parliament is debating a draft biopiracy law requiring industry to compensate indigenous people if it makes commercial use of local knowledge such as plant-based medicines. Under the law – based on the international convention on access tobiodiversity, the Nagoya protocol – the pharmaceuticals industry would need the written consent of local or indigenous people before exploring [...]

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EU must act to combat biopiracy, say MEPs

The EU must combat the"biopiracy" of multinationals that exploit plants with medicinal properties and traditional remedies originating from developing countries but fail to share the profits with indigenous peoples, say MEPs in a resolution adopted by a show of hands on Tuesday. Biopiracy - the practice of patenting and marketing the use of traditional knowledge [...]

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After 2,000 Years, Scientists Learn How One Chinese Herbal Medicine Works

Agence France Presse Scientists in the United States on Sunday offered a molecular-level explanation for how a Chinese herbal medicine used for more than 2,000 years tackles fever and eases malaria. The herb is an extract of the root of a flowering plant called blue evergreen hydrangea, known in Chinese as chang shan and in [...]

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EU budgets / Biopiracy / European Book Prize

Comment on European Parliament Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/europeanparli... MEPs discuss biopiracy and hold a book prize debate with distinguished guests.

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Seminar « Biopirataria » Cúpula dos Povos – Rio 2012

This workshop will probably take place on June 21 in the morning at the Parque do Flamengo ( either 18 or 19 in the morning) . We will notify you of the exact date via our website as soon as possible : www.biopiraterie.org/es For more information, please contact : collectifbiopiraterie@gmail.com occasion of the People's Summit [...]

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Herbal dental remedy a ‘potent anaesthetic’

Un remedio hecho de hierbas para tratar el dolor de muelas, que ha sido utilizado por siglos por una remota tribu Inca en el Amazonas, se está convirtiendo en un tratamiento comercial para el dolor dental

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Anaesthetic gel could replace dentist’s needle

By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent Indigenous tribes uncovered the remarkable painkilling properties of the Acmella oleracea plant centuries if not millennia ago and it was used by Incas to treat toothache, ulcers, abscesses and to clean their teeth. Now a Cambridge University researcher says the remedy could transform practice in western dental surgeries after discovering [...]

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New rice variety could ease Mozambique’s supplies

Most rice fields in Mozambique are rain-fed Scidev.net - 15/01/2011 [MAPUTO] Smallholders struggling to grow rice in Mozambique could benefit from a variety that boosts yields nearly six-fold and is less prone to disease.The new rice has an average yield of seven tonnes per hectare and is more resistant to diseases such as fungal blast and [...]

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