Peru’s maca farmers fear Chinese demand for ‘Andean Viagra’ will cause smuggling

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Sales of a Peruvian root called "maca" have boomed due to an unprecedented Chinese demand. The root is said to boost fertility, increase energy, and even have an aphrodisiac effect. Despite the growth in sales, some worry that demand is leading to smuggling. CCTV America's Dan Collyns reported the story from Junin, Peru. Not much [...]

Chinese Nationals Are Illegally Exporting Maca From Peru

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This powerful report originally aired on AmericaTV on 17 August 2014. This is the first version available with English subtitles. The video details how a group of Chinese nationals are illegally purchasing and exporting whole Maca roots from Peru and creating havoc in the global Maca market.

Amazonia Biopiracy (full documentary)

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The myth of El Dorado is repeated in this new century. This episode of the series will be an ambitious review of the history of those who want to break the Amazon rainforest. We will know the Golden Age of Manaus, considered in his day "the Paris of the Tropics" thanks to the rubber business. [...]

De la A a la Z: B de Biopiratería

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Las selvas vírgenes esconden tesoros, como plantas con propiedades curativas. Algunos gigantes industriales se han apoderado de ellas para crear sus propios remedios.

Biopiratería: Una amenaza para nuestros recursos

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Manuel Ruiz SPDA is interviewed on the patenting genes from the law 29316